Why SSL? The Purpose of using SSL Certificates

24 Jun
secure website login using SSL protocol illustration design

secure website login using SSL protocol

SSL also known as Secure Socket layers is a kind of security which the websites use to deal with sensitive information like the card number, phone number, address, customer names etc. SSL would provide a highly safe and secured connection between the customer’s browser and the company’s server with which it is interacting. Secure Socket Layer is an absolute essential for any website which is trying to sell its product or service since it makes sure that all the information are handled in a safe and secured manner.

Now let us take a quick look at some of the important advantages of SSL:

One of the major purposes of using SSL is to encrypt sensitive information so that they can be sent over the internet without any third party understanding it. This is extremely important since the information being sent over the net passes from one computer to another before it finally reaches the destination server. Therefore any computer between the customer’s and the company’s server would get to see information like the customer’s name, credit card number, username, password etc. unless it is encrypted with an SSL certificate. Thus SSL certificates protect the customer information from hackers.

Apart from encrypting sensitive info SSL also provides authentication. This implies that your customers are certain that they are sending their personal info to the correct server and not to the server of a hacker. Now one might ask why that is important. The very nature of ecommerce involves sending of sensitive info on part of the customers to the website’s server and this info passes through a number of computers. Therefore one of these computers might fake to be the intended site of the customer and trick them to share lot of personal information. The only way of avoiding this is to use a standard PKI or Public Key Infrastructure and obtaining an SSL certificate from a reliable provider.

The importance of SSL providers: A reliable SSL provider would grant an SSL certificate only to companies which have undergone numerous identity checks. There are types of SSL certificates (EV SSL Certificate) which necessitate an even more rigorous process of validation.


Why go for SSL certification?


The answer is simple: in order to gain the confidence of your customers. Web browsers display a lock or a green bar icon to ensure that the visitors learn that the connection is secure. Therefore your customers would be able to rely on your site when they see the visual cues. When your site is secured your customers are more likely to make a purchase.


It is important for you to know that your site won’t be able to obtain any credit card information unless it has successfully passed the PCI compliance. However for PCI compliance on needs a SSL certificate.

SSL protects from phishing email which are sent by hackers who are trying to impersonate a site. However when you have a proper SSL certificate the hackers won’t be able to impersonate your site and therefore your visitors are much less likely to fall for a phishing attack.

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