Website Security

  Why would I need Website Security?

checkmarkGet Total Website Security, Protect Your Website from hackers, malware, and other threats. Trust Seals and Daily Security Scanning from SiteLock.

  •  We will protect your website from various security problems, and shows your visitors that your site is safe.
  •  We will perform numerous scans of your website, finding security breaches including malware, email vulnerabilities, and other problems. When the various scans are complete and your business is verified, you can display the “SiteLock Secure” badge on your site, letting your visitors know that your site is officially safe and problem free.
  •  Some services don’t scan deep or miss files like cascading style sheets (.css) files, javascript (.js) files, or image files (.jpg, .png). Hackers hide malicious code in these files. SiteLock’s Deep-360 scanning can find all files susceptible to threats.


 Questions to ask before buying website security:

 Will your company provide comprehensive security scanning?
– Many companies claim to provide website security, but really only a shield for display without performing a comprehensive scan. We scan your site exhaustively to protect your assets.

 Will you maintain the security of my website?
– The security of visitors on your site should be a priority, therefore SiteLock will send us an alert and we will take it as priority to fix your website security.

 What happens if my site has an issue?
– We will audit your website and remove the malware, and keep you posted with a report. We can also offer comprehensive services to get your site repaired, locked down, or re-designed in a secure manner.