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20 May

mobile websiteTablets and smartphones have quickly become a part of our everyday life and recent surveys have revealed that most smartphone users check their device approximately 221 times every day. It has been estimated that by mid 2015 there would be more than two billion smartphone users all over the world. Surely this is going to affect the strategies of business owners both large and small since the quick emergence of mobile web has led to an increasing demand for mobile responsive websites. More and more consumers are now using their smartphones to make purchases and it has been estimated that about half of all web searches on mobile can lead to a purchase. In the last 5 years mobile website have exploded but one needs to remember that designing a mobile website is not just a matter of creating an app since there are a wide range of options and aspects which one has to take into account.

Notifications have been sent to all the webmasters by Google, who have been warned of all the mobile capability mistakes on their sites. Goes without saying that, Google would be introducing yet another update to its algorithms of rankings, which is going to be centred on the smartphone compatibility of the websites. As a result webmasters from all over the globe are trying their best to get their sites in line. No matter whether you have already received the Google warnings regarding the mobile errors of your site, you need to keep a close tab on the mobile performance of your website if you are keen on capturing increased business this year. In this article we are going to discuss a few tips and tricks which would help webmasters earn the ‘mobile friendly’ label right next to the search results.

The easiest way of optimizing your webpage for a comprehensive mobile experience is to go for a little help from the professionals in this field. Google also provides you with a complete guide on getting started with a smartphone friendly site- starting from checking the performance of your existing site to customized solutions for updating your webpage. Google Webmaster Tools are there to make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

While optimizing your websites you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure to avoid small texts since they can’t be read easily on small screens of the smartphones.
  • Make use of software which are mobile compatible.
  • Make sure that your site has a responsive design which is capable of adjusting the contents based on the size of the screen.
  • Lastly the links, buttons and spaces of your site should be appropriate so that they can be selected without any effort.

Another important factor which has a crucial role to play in the success of your webpage on mobile devices is the time it takes to load. Users of mobile web surely look for a much quicker solution and therefore one should make sure that the mobile website has been optimized to perform faster by checking the speed of the page with the Page Speed Insights tool by Google. When you enter your URL on the tool, you would be provided with a complete rundown of the speed, performance and mobile appearance of your site with additional suggestions on the issues which needs to be fixed for performance enhancement.

Business owners looking forward to capture more mobile traffic into their website should make use of the Google Webmaster Tools and check the mobile usability report. This would help them pinpoint the pages suffering from poor usability issues. Whenever your webpage suffers from mobile usability problems, the Mobile Usability Report would explain the specific problem areas and provide you with useful solutions to fix them.

Once you begin to grasp the current performance of your site on the mobile web, you should start making the most out of the mobile experience of your webpage. The simplicity of your page would go a long way in determining the success of your site on smartphones. More users are now switching to their smartphones to lower the time to find what they want on the web. Therefore site owners should make sure that their site has been optimized to help the efforts of the users.

Poor navigation is one of the most commonly noted problems in mobile websites. Site owners therefore need to make sure that the users can tap, press, drag and pinch through the site effortlessly. Most importantly one should keep in mind that all their mobile web efforts would become futile if it fails to convert the traffic into customers. As a result site owners need to make sure that the shopping areas and site forms are thoroughly optimized for smooth mobile performance which would allow the users to enter the information easily and make a successful purchase.

Though as of yet Google hasn’t made any official announcement, many search engine marketers across the globe are anticipating a new mobile algorithm and therefore devoting more attention towards the mobile performance of their site. No matter the size of your business a well designed mobile website would help you achieve success in the year 2015. Always remember that an effective mobile web strategy would help you connect with your potential customers 24/7.

If you haven’t yet optimized your site for mobile web then you are losing hundreds of potential customers. People are using their mobile devises for all kinds of searches including business, leisure, food, recreation, travel, local searches etc. and it is estimated that about a quarter of the world’s population will be using smartphones by the end of this year. Therefore its high time you get your Mobile Website so as to connect with more potential customers and increase your sales. When you go for the services of the professionals like 123eHost for designing your mobile website, you can be rest assured to get the ultimate user friendly mobile website which would help you gain more traffic and earn more customers.


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