How to Achieve First Page Google Ranking for Your Website

05 May

Website and mobile analytics conceptWhen launching a professionally developed business website online, the most common question in the minds of the business owners is- how to reach the first page Google rankings? However, the aspect often overlooked or lesser known in this context is that you can get the first page Google SERP rankings (search engine results page ) for specific set of keywords and not for the website itself.

Why is Keywords Important for the Google Rankings?

The web media is the most comprehensive source of gaining useful and relevant information. Audiences search for many things over the internet. Not everyone is looking for the products and services you are trying to sell. Your goal as seller is to reach the section of visitors looking to purchase products or services you are offering. Now consider this example stated below.

Suppose you are selling garments and fashion accessories online through your website. Now if someone is looking to purchase patio furniture for his new home, he will not probably be interested in buying products from your site at least during his search for furniture. Considering this scenario, the search engines assort stringent technicalities to widen the scope for the businesses to find their target audience.

How to Gain First Page Google Presence for Specific Keywords

This is the main concern for most business owners who do not have enough knowledge about internet marketing and related technicalities. Mostly, the internet marketers explore this situation to lure clients into huge investments for promoting their business online. Well, the good news is that you do not have to be an expert to rank on the Google first page for specific keywords. You will not even have to leverage budget allocation for internet marketing campaigns either. All you need to do is to keep writing with full integrity.

Niche Based Writing- Strategy to Gain Dominance over Google Rankings

Yes, it’s true; you need to keep writing continuously to achieve paramount success in ranking for the specific keywords. In this context, it is important to mention that you need to write not just anything but explore specific stuff related to the business your target audience will find it interesting and remain engaged. People are often confused when planning the content matter of their writing. Many of them also come out with problems of not finding enough ideas to incorporate in their writing.

Consider the approach of an interested buyer when looking for products and services. There are several queries in the mind before reaching the purchase decision. Imagine that you are a buyer of the products in your business niche. What questions do you have in the mind? Yes, you guessed it right, the more questions you can answer the greater will be the inclination of the buyers to stay connected and gain confidence over the purchase decision. While doing so, focus on delivering high quality and valuable information to the audiences.

Maximizing Chances of Gaining Greater Visibility

First, consider the contents of a standard website. There are generally the following contents:

  • Home Page with fine images and business description
  • About us page
  • Contact Information page
  • Product Gallery with images
  • News/blog page

Most people do not change the contents once they have put it on the website. The news pages may mostly have one or two releases in a year or so. Now start posting one article per week and see the visibility curve rising. You can increase the response to 10x times with three posts per week.

With changes in the website contents and rise in the keyword density, you will be able to attract the web crawlers to evaluate the new updates. This increases the chances of improving your website rankings. However, it is essential to be patient, consistent with the writing schedule, leverage time and effort into the process to gain success. Even if your efforts are producing results, it is important to keep continuing. You cannot stop writing, as this will cause downfall in the SERP rankings.

Note: Under no circumstances should you attempt to assort black hat SEO (search engine optimization) practices using link farms, generating more inbound links etc. This can attract serious consequences in getting your website blacklisted.

Beneficial Attributes of Writing

As you keep writing, you will have more stuff to share on the social media. This valuable stuff will soon be noticed as people take interest in them and keep sharing increasing your business prospects. The prime online presence will prompt the other relevant businesses to link back to your website and keep following regularly. This authoritative establishment will win the trust of the customers resulting in business growth and sales.

Website Technical Features and Performance are Vital

In this age of neck tight competition, you cannot afford to lose customers due to slow webpage loading, faulty internal links, and other page errors. Bestow prime importance in checking PageSpeed Insights and web page test. Any fault or bug should be mended at the earliest. Make you website compatible for search engine indexing as well as convenient for visitors’ access. Consider the following aspects:

  • There should be bright and standard size social sharing plug-ins placed at the beginning or end of the contents to allow the users to share
  • Use WordPress for Bloggers that allows you to add amazing features, tools and widgets for fabulous site performance.
  • Add a meta description for the Google so that the audiences can have an idea before they click the link to reach your site


Always remember, as it is important to pay attention to Google algorithms, writing awesome, informative, well-organized contents to keep the visitors interested and engaged so it is to make your website easily accessible for the target audiences to keep returning.



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