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Does the idea of improving your search engine rankings and offering your visitors better security sound like something you’re interested in? What if I upped the ante and told you it wouldn’t cost you a penny? SSL certificates secure your website’s connection and boost its rankings in Google. And now, thanks to services like Let’s Encrypt, you can actually get a free SSL certificate for your website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Websites starting with an “http://” and a green padlock symbolize SSL. SSL was developed by Netscape to add a security feature to transactions happening between browsers and the web servers. SSL certificates can be better explained as a passport or a license issued by a very trusted source.

Remember, an unsecured HTTP connection can be dangerous as any third party can spy on the information being passed between your web server and your browser. This becomes all the more unsafe when you are passing sensitive information such as financial information or personal data.

SSL is a very common word used in online world. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a certificate known for providing network security for websites, mainly e-commerce websites. In simple terms, SSL is a security certificate which provides the identity of a website being visited to the user. Through this, the SSL certificate makes sure that the information being exchanged between you and the website which you are visiting is not read by any third party.

But nowadays, many entities, including Google, are pushing to use secure HTTPS connections for all traffic, even things you might think are mundane.

Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate?
In the past, the only time an average webmaster needed to care about SSL was eCommerce. But that all changed in late 2014 when Google dropped a bomb:

That’s right, sites that use SSL certificates get a boost in the SERPs. It might not be a huge boost, but I think you’ll agree with me that any boost in search rankings is a good one. When I moved my portfolio site to HTTPS, I experienced a notable bump in my search rankings.
But now Google is going even further. Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’, . This means your website will be marked as non-secure if you’re not using HTTPS. Here’s what that change will look like in Google Chrome:

Google eventually plans to expand this feature to treat all HTTP pages like this:

Are SSL Certificates Expensive? What Are the Different Kinds?
You can view the type of SSL Certificates at

An SSL certificate uses typically costs money. This expense makes sense because processes payments.

But if your site, doesn’t process payments, you’re totally fine to use a free SSL certificate.
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There’s no payment, no validation emails, and certificates renew automatically.