Does getting a .Com Domain Extension Matter?

27 Apr

domain nameThe .com mania is synonymous with the online world. Actually, when people type web addresses, they instinctively complete the address with a dot com. It is therefore not really surprising that dot com has been the leading domain extension that is sought after by new businesses online. Is there any real benefit of using dot com domain name registration? Read on and discover how this domain extension can help ensure the success of your online business.


Tips for good domain name registration

When looking to set up a business website, you should go for a good domain name that positively reflects your business. Furthermore, it should be something with a .com that people can easily recall. You could also give your business an extra edge through having keywords in the domain name. In addition, check whether the domain name registration is coming with additional features like email forwarding and domain forwarding. Hence, you must ensure that the domain name you choose is:

  • Relevant to the business
  • Easy to recall
  • Seems respectable and credible
  • Suggests that your business is among the leaders in your industry


Reasons why .com is the leading domain extension

Default extension – When you finish typing in the domain name of a website, most browsers auto fill the .com part as this is the default extension. In fact, most people never think of trying either an .org or .net or any other domain extension.

Credibility – Obviously, dot com domain name registration has the greatest recall compared to other domain extensions. This means a website with an unfamiliar domain extension might not have similar credibility compared to the same domain name that has the dot com suffix.

Resale value –Even though you might not necessary buying a .com domain to later sell it, but if that was the case then you would get a good price.


Where can I get reliable domain name registration services?

You can get a .com domain name from with free domain forwarding and free email forwarding for only 10.25 per year. This is a great deal considering the SEO implications of domain forwarding for your business. You can use this feature to increase your ranking on Google. Likewise, email forwarding means that you will have all incoming emails directed to a central location for easier management. Sign up now and give your business the great start it deserves in the online world. Obviously, it’s going to be much better if you can get a good name with the .com extension.

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