Advantage of SSL Certificates

19 May

SSL is a very common word used in online world. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a certificate known for providing network security for websites, mainly e-commerce websites. In simple terms, SSL is a security certificate which provides the identity of a website being visited to the user. Through this, the SSL certificate makes sure that the information being exchanged between you and the website which you are visiting is not read by any third party.

SSL can also raise your website’s ranking in Google and services like Let’s Encrypt can help you in getting a free SSL certificate for your website.

SSL Certificate in Detail

Websites starting with an “http://” and a green padlock symbolize SSL. SSL was developed by Netscape to add a security feature to transactions happening between browsers and the web servers. SSL certificates can be better explained as a passport or a license issued by a very trusted source.

Remember, an unsecured HTTP connection can be dangerous as any third party can spy on the information being passed between your web server and your browser. This becomes all the more unsafe when you are passing sensitive information such as financial information or personal data.

However, many brands such as Google are insisting on usage of SSL certificates nowadays.

SSL Workflow

SSL certificate works in a very systematic manner. Firstly, a browser requests for a secure page starting with http://. Secondly, the web server sends a public key along with its certificate. The browser then makes sure that a trusted source has issued the certificate. Following verification, the browser then makes use of the public key to encrypt a random symmetric key. The web server then decrypts a web server while using its private key. The server next makes use of the symmetric key for decrypting http data. The html document is then transmitted by the web server which is encrypted with the symmetric key. Finally the browser decrypts the html document and displays the information.

Use of SSL certificate

SSL certificates offer many advantages. First major advantage is in terms of business web hosting. The data which is transmitted to the server on which the web business is hosted on becomes private from a website source. This protects your data from falling into wrong hands. Moreover, a SSL certificate gives guarantee that the server is very lawful. When a certificate is bought by an e-commerce site, the certificate authorities give a digital certificate ensuring that the information is being kept safe by a legitimate server.


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