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Does getting a .Com Domain Extension Matter?

27 Apr
domain name

The .com mania is synonymous with the online world. Actually, when people type web addresses, they instinctively complete the address with a dot com. It is therefore not really surprising that dot com has been the leading domain extension that is sought after by new businesses online. Is there any real benefit of using dot […]

Local SEO for Your Business

22 Apr
Local SEO

What is the Strategy to Get Maximum Lead Generation Are you struggling for leads and optimum market response to enhance business growth? One of the reasons of poor customer response may be the lack of strategic local optimization in the online marketing program for your business. Web analytics of successful businesses have revealed that over […]

Helping Your Business Be More Visible Online

17 Apr
Website Positioning or Visibility  - SEO Campaign

In today’s competitive business environment, succeeding in your business endeavor will be a huge challenge. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you will most probably end up being eaten by your competition if you are just starting and more importantly, if you do not engage in effective strategies to get above others. […]